A Membership?
Why that?
Does it cost money?
What is the sense of it?

The answers are very easy.
With the membership you are organized.
You form part of a group of people with the same idea, to install a working and reliable water supply in parts of Ghana, where people don’t have access to clean water.
It doesn’t costs you money, but you provide us with informations that are valuable for the planning of wells and water supply.

More of all, the people who need a form of water supply are stepping out of anonymity.
That means that the problems can easier seen, they are in the conscience of the people and can easier solved.
They (and that means you too) become a voice.

The membership helps to organize the process of finding ways to supply water because you can directed easily if you will left a mailaddress where we can inform you and where we can ask for feedback.
We never use your data for promotion. The data you give us is only for the projects.
We are a Non-Profit organisation.