Wells for Ghana

Our well project is starting in the Volta Region in the following locations:

LocationPopulation approx.
Abutia Teti5.200
Abutia Amavi600
Adaklu Dzakpo1.400
Abutia Kloe2.700
Tafi Abuife900

Our project is designed for the long term and the wells are to be managed sustainably.

Also, ring mains are being planned for a later phase  to connect the wells.

Well drilling is not about simply drilling holes in the ground, as is unfortunately often done.
It is about providing sustainable water to the population.
The wells will be constructed after appropriate hydrogeological drilling.

This will ensure that the wells can also supply appropriate quantities of water.
At the same time, we will disclose the geological data obtained in a database so that they are also accessible for subsequent drilling by third parties.
The wells will be designed as electric wells with solar operation and storage of the groundwater obtained in appropriate storage tanks to enable a continuous supply.

Well commissions will be set up for monitoring and maintenance.
To secure the project in the long term, charges will be levied for the water. These will not be very high, but reserves will be built up to pay for any repairs and surpluses will be invested in the construction of further wells.
The fees will be handled as far as possible via mobile payment methods (mobile money etc.) and we will retain the control function over the payments.
Cash payments will be booked directly via our website by the well commission.

Seeing this, our project has positive side effects and we want to strengthen self-organisation in the localities concerned.

For the preparatory hydrogeological boreholes in the six villages mentioned above alone we need € 15,000.

These boreholes will then provide information on water yields or flow rates of the boreholes, necessary depths of the boreholes and the geological formations of the respective areas.

We will have the corresponding boreholes drilled by the Bauer company in Ghana.
The company Bauer is a company with its head office in Germany and a subsidiary in Ghana.
Bauer Ghana has over 30 years of experience with well construction in Africa.
This ensures a high quality of project execution.

Actually, we wanted to have started the project already in June 2020, but this was not possible due to the pandemic.
We have used the time so far to build up the necessary structures for our work in Ghana and have conscientious staff in Ghana.

Starting in August 2021, we will begin preparatory work on site in Ghana.